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April 8, 2013
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Stephan Neumann app - MNG by Chibi-godess Stephan Neumann app - MNG by Chibi-godess
OC for :iconmizu-no-gakuen:

:new: Re-drew and updated his app! again.

★Name: Neumann, Stephan
★Age: 19
★Height: 6’4” cm
★Weight: 174 lbs
★Ethnicity: German

★Year: Senior
★Level : EXPERT

:bulletgreen: Keeping fit/ exercising and going to the gym.
:bulletgreen: All kinds of swimming styles, though he prefers the butterfly stroke overall.
:bulletgreen: Reading books on occasion. (German, though. He gets frustrated with English/Japanese)
:bulletgreen: Sweet, Salty + Bitter foods (Sometimes even combined ._.’)
:bulletgreen: Attention or appreciation, but he isn’t one for going out of his way for it.
:bulletgreen: Playing or kidding around (even playing a few pranks, especially on his brother).
:bulletgreen: Alphonse.
:bulletgreen: He has an obsession over pretzels. He pretty much loves every kind, and is seen almost all the time snacking on them.
:bulletgreen: Boiling hot showers. (You know he’s just been in the shower if it’s so foggy you can’t see the basin from the other side of the bathroom.)
:bulletgreen: keeping his stuff in order (not neat, but just in the right places so he doesn’t forget where things are).
:bulletgreen: Numbers and Math. For some reason he finds arithmetic easy and enjoyable.

:bulletblack: When Alphonse turns all of his clothes inside-out as a prank. (He’s too lazy to check half the time and ends up wearing it that way.)
:bulletblack: Overly strong smells/ perfumes make him choke.
:bulletblack: fuzzy caterpillars disturb him.
:bulletblack: Tight clothing (His swimmers are the only exception).
:bulletblack: Speaking in English/Japanese. He’s fine with the basics of the language, though when it comes to more complex speech or writing he’s bound to muddle up.
:bulletblack: Sour food is a no-no.
:bulletblack: Losing. He hates it.
:bulletblack: He Absolutely despises high pitched noises, especially when someone scrapes a plate while they’re eating.

- Easy-going most of the time, though he can also be hardworking if the situation calls.
- Assertive and not afraid to speak his mind, particularly if he finds something unacceptable.
- Helpful, caring and responsible; as much as he kicks his brother’s butt into line, he only means well and wants him to do his best. He also never hesitates to offer assistance when he sees that someone is in need.
- Outgoing; he can occasionally be a man of few words due to his lack of skill in English/Japanese, though despite this he maintains an approachable personality and is ready to make friends at any time; he has a good humour and knows how to have a good time.
- Tolerate; though if you push him far enough he’ll surely get angry. And when he’s angry, that’s your cue to run for your life.
- He’s competitive in a friendly manner, but will always put in his all to prove his worth. He may not show it half of the time, but he actually finds losing quite degrading and frustrating.
- Protective; he takes the responsibility of being the oldest sibling a little too seriously at times and can be a little bossy. He also wouldn’t dare have a second thought on dealing with anyone who gives his brother a hard time.

Stephan Neumann was born and raised in Germany to a family of a mother, father and soon to be younger brother (Alphonse) and sister (Belle). The household he was brought up in was rather large and they were pretty well off in wealth terms; he and his brother even had the opportunity to attend a private school, where he found out his love for sports and mathematics and contrasting hate for language studies.

As much as his younger years were pretty carefree and peachy, his life took a turn anew when a rather ferocious storm hit their vulnerable property; turning the small stream that flowed quietly beside into a fast, cascading hazard. It was that day, that thunder repeatedly rumbled amongst the air until a predominantly loud one had rung, sending their newly-bought dog on the run rather frightened. It was at this that Belle had followed after into the dark rain in attempt to rescue the animal; Stephan and Alphonse only catching sight of her just as she escaped the doorway and soon they too, ran in panic. Having nearly reached her, they saw that she was standing with some difficulty atop a battered old log which connected both sides of the stream; they shouted for her to get off, though these ended abruptly when the wood snapped from under her feet. Stephan took it upon himself to dive in after and try to swim to her, but the current was too strong and he tired out quicker then he would’ve presumed. With throbbing arms he grabbed firmly onto whatever came his way next and was left clinging onto a large rock for dear life; to his horror, no Belle in sight. He shouted for Alphonse to save their sister, but after a few minutes of wait he was rescued from his own spot by his parents. Stephan had never felt so disappointed in himself, and he could see it in his parent’s eyes, too.

Shortly after finding out their sister had drowned, Stephan and Alphonse were immediately given swimming lessons, which were arranged by their guilt-ridden parents. At first Stephan had a fear of water, or more so his memories of it because of what he endured, but as the lessons progressed he swore to himself he would do it for his sister, to push himself so that he can endure more. More than what he could that night. These promises lead him to think differently about swimming the more he did it, and he soon even started enjoying it and pursuing it. The brothers soon realized that they both lead the same passion, and this was where Alphonse pointed out a particular swimming school.

★Additional Info:
- Stephan has a tendency to swear in German when he gets frustrated.
- He can eat quite a lot and has as some say, a stomach of steel; he doesn’t get sick easily.
- His necklace made of Red Jasper was a going away present from his grandmother. The stone is said to bring about protection, stimulate increased energy, strength, endurance and willpower all the while providing deeper insight into difficulties. Even though he doesn’t believe too much in this, he wears it for his grandmother’s sake...and because it looks cool.
- He’s usually somewhat unsettled if there’s a storm, though it doesn’t bother him too much.
~I’ll add more when I think of them~


-His brother Alphonse, to whom he's tighter than a European guy's speedos - thesimpleprincess.deviantart.c…

★Voice:… - Mi-chan… - 1st singer (Mi-chan) Is Stephan and 2nd singer (Soraru) is Alphonse
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